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Mobile-responsive, lots of gorgeous designs, highly functional, feature-rich, with the WordPress CMS!

Using our vast collection of beautiful, professionally-designed and developed WordPress website templates, we are now able to offer our clients complete sites for under $1,000. How is that possible? Well, a lot of the time that is required to create a new website comes in the form of collecting information from the client, gathering their requirements, determining their look-and-feel preferences, understanding the functional goals for the site (e.g. Is it just a simple brochure site? Will it require e-commerce? Do you need membership login and member areas? How about image galleries? What kind of content do you want to display? Will you need multiple languages?)

As you can see, the list goes on and on.

Then, once we have gathered all that info, and gone back and forth with the client several times to confirm all the various details, we then need to create the actual website.  There is the visual design, which requires several rounds (typically 3) of iteration; then there is the actual development, where we have to build in all the features that are needed, and test to make sure it all works; then we need to review all of that with you, and make sure that it works the way you’re expecting, and this typically creates more rounds of iteration as we do this QA together; then there’s content (text pages, images, products, etc.) that needs to go on the website, and the determination of how much we’ll do and how much the client wants to handle themselves, such as to save costs; and then there’s the process of pushing the website live, which itself can take a good amount of time depending on the web hosting company that the client chooses. All of that means that, sometimes, even quite simple websites still need 40, 50, 60, 100 hours, or more, to get completed.

Our proprietary 1FEE model is very good at reducing that cost to it’s lowest possible number, because of our efficiency and patent-pending technology, but there’s still a lot to do, as you can see. But, for some clients (and you know who you are), even that is too much. Maybe you just need something very clearly identified. Maybe you don’t have a lot of time, or a lot of money to spend. Maybe you don’t need all the custom design and development, or rounds of iteration, but you still need a great website, and you still need the assistance of a great team of professionals to actually do the work for you. That’s where TemplateFIT comes in!

You can afford a better website than you realize with TemplateFIT

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